Inquies 2017

Are you a student achiever who want to be society’s future game-changer? Apply for the INQUIES Annual Seminar this August 2017. INQUIES is an annual seminar for male students who are in their first three years of college or are currently in their senior high school. Based on the theme of the upcoming UNIV 2018 Conference held in Rome, Italy, participants of the INQUIES seminar will be motivated to realize how the future of the nation is affected by how well they play their roles as good students, sons, and friends today. The seminar will also expose the students to various fields of profession to help them see things in a bigger picture and develop well-rounded culture.

Kapuluan Hopping

Join us for Kapuluan Hopping- go through the “islands” of activities that Kapuluan has for the new academic year.  If you’re a student leader, academic achiever, or simply a student who wants to continuously improve and make the most of your stay in the university, Kapuluan has an activity that …