Code Alpha

Coding is no longer a tool reserved for computer scientists and application developers. Coding is now a necessity for scientists, engineers and researchers.  Developing a foundation and familiarity with the basics of programming could prove to be the defining factor for a good scientist and an excellent one.

This program is designed to give foundations of programming to future scientists, researchers and engineers.


  • Lectures on how coding is changing the face of science, research and engineering
  • Lectures and workshops on Python
  • Talks on the proper use of technology
  • Get-togethers with scientists, researchers and engineers who use coding as part of their research and work
  • Excursion, Sports Fest and Quiz Show
  • One on one chat with a professional
  • Graduation ceremony, handing of awards and certificates


  • Applicants should be incoming Grade 12 students who are in the STEM track and are living or studying in Quezon City
  • Limited slots available
  • Code Alpha will launch during the school break of 2018. Contact us for more details.