During the entire year, Kapuluan offers to young people courses  on different aspects of formation. These courses are:

  • Lead25 (A Mentoring Program to Acquire 25 Skills for Success)
  • VIR (A Course on Philosophical Anthropology & the Cardinal Virtues)
  • Life Insights (Discussions on Things that Matter in Life)
  • Study Gym (An Excellence Program in Study)
  • Basic Course on Christian Formation
  • Theology Course for College Students

At the end of each semester, certificates are given to those who finish all the required sessions for each course. Individuals who complete all courses are given the Kapuluan Helm Award at the end of the academic year.


Which course is the right one for me?

It depends on what kind of development you are looking for

If your looking to develop …. then you should consider enrolling in
Integral Formation Lead25
Personal Excellence VIR, Lead25, Life Insights
Leadership VIR, Lead25
Excellence in Study Study Gym
Knowledge of Christianity/ Catholic Faith Basic Course on Christian Formation